Why Get a Custom-Built PC?

What’s the best way to get the computer of your dreams? Build it! When you build your own computer, you are in control of selecting all its components, which means you get exactly what you want for your chosen price. Still not convinced? Read on! In today’s article, we are going to look at some common reasons for choosing a custom-built PC.

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You Get Exactly What You Want
If you decide to get a pre-built computer, you’ll have a much harder time finding exactly what you want for the best possible price. When you are building your own gaming computer, however, you get to configure it to your exact liking. Are you a professional editor that needs seamless, lag-free editing power? You can make it happen (this rig is a great place to start). Need a RAM-heavy configuration that will make multitasking a breeze? Done (this Magic Intel i7 X99 DDR4 Dreamer is ready to be customized). Looking for a computer with a beefy graphics card that will create the ultimate gaming experience? No problem (any of these custom computers can be configured to deliver the performance you need).

Pre-Built PCs Are Hard To Upgrade
When buying a new computer, many people forget to think about the future. Specifically, how long do you want your PC to be at the forefront of technology? Do you foresee a change in your needs? Are you the type that doesn’t like it when your computer becomes underpowered? This is a big problem with pre-built computers. They are unfortunately difficult to upgrade down the road. Sure, you can probably slip in another RAM stick or add a faster solid-state drive (SSD), but overall you won’t have the total freedom for upgrades as you would with a custom-built PC.

One Faulty Part Won’t Ruin Your Workstation
One of the key advantages of building your own PCs is that you often have the knowledge and setup to easily make repairs. This means that when a faulty part starts to act up or make a sound, you can probably diagnose it before it does any serious damage to your other hardware. For instance, one common problem with a lot of pre-built PCs is their power supply unit (PSU) has a tendency to act up. When this happens, you will often be required to send away the entire unit, leaving you computer-less for potentially weeks. Compare this to having your own custom computer — this problem can be remedied by simply swapping out the old PSU for a new one. Similarly, with a lot of pre-built computers, fixing a problem will void the warranty. This can be restrictive and frustrating. Also, do know that many individual components carry warranties.

You Can Game Like A Pro
When it comes to gaming PCs, performance is the name of the game. While most new owners of a pre-built PC won’t push their processor to its limit, a gamer will, causing quite the bottleneck in performance. This is why serious gamers opt for custom-built PCs. Not only does it allow gamers to get the raw power they need, but it also offers more bang for your buck. Not sure what gaming computer build is best for you? Perhaps this Magic Intel i7 X299 Snow or this AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 Barebones #3 may be the perfect place to start.

All this being said if your primary use for a PC is web browsing, word processing, and streaming Netflix, a pre-built computer or laptop may be just the thing you need. However, if you want to create a powerful custom desktop for less than one of the pricey high-end models — but one that is just as powerful — a custom computer may be the solution for you. If this all seems above your skill level, know that there’s no shame in buying a pre-built computer. If you are looking to do this but still want the ability to fully configure your rig, turn to the pros at Magic Micro! Take advantage of our easy customization process and affordable barebones kits today.