Welcome back to Magic Micro Computers blog! We’ve been in the midst of a series of posts for those who are relatively new to gaming and may not know the ins and outs of gaming yet. As a build your own computer company, Magic Micro Computers takes gaming seriously. We offer the best custom laptops and custom computers specifically for the gaming market. We understand that gaming requires a certain fire power if you will, and Magic Micro Computers provides that fire power. In this blog post, we’ll explore augmented reality gaming. Order your custom built gaming computer today!


Gaming is fundamentally the playing of games. What began as a shortened form of gambling, when gaming is mentioned today, most people are referring to the playing of video games, although technically speaking, gaming can refer to playing card games or board games as well.

Augmented reality gaming, although related to virtual gaming, is quite different. Augmented reality gaming is where video games intersect with your environment. Virtual reality creates false or virtual environments that you act upon. Augmented reality gaming is a composite, superimposed, or added view of the world. It adds to or augments your world. The best and most familiar example of augmented reality is the Pokemon Go game where users can see characters from the game bounce around their own town, capture them, and then use them to battle others. This augmented reality game has earned more than $2 billion worldwide.

Augmented reality is popular on mobile devices, such as smartphones, portable gaming systems, and tablets, and don’t require a special room or headset to play. It can be very simple such as a checkerboard on top of your kitchen table. Some AR games can create environmental elements from the world around you. With virtual reality, all the worlds have to be built. Augmented reality avoids this by using the environment around you, which changes as you do.

Augmented reality is all around us; we’ve probably just not recognized it as such. Since the 1990s fighter planes have displayed the altitude, direction, and speed of the plane on their screens, which showed the views of the sky or ground. In only a few years’ time, objects were added.

There are a couple of uses of augmented reality, such as SixthSense and Google Glass, that never really took off. However, how most of us interact and use augmented reality is through our personal electronic devices i.e. your smartphone and tablet. One of the most popular apps is called Star Walk. This app is great for kids and adults alike. It’s an educational augmented reality app that allows the user to point their phone or tablet towards the night sky and have the constellations, stars, and planets identified for them.

Another popular app called Layar takes your GPS location along with your camera and displays what is around you. This is a great way to find highly-recommended restaurants, grocery stores, and historical points of interest while you are on vacation. The number of apps for augmented reality games are in the hundreds, including a Harry Potter app that allows users to cast spells, use potions, and take classes with Harry from Hogwarts teachers.


1.Smartphone with a camera to capture reality or a camera attached to your computer

2.An internet connection to receive the layer of information

3.Software or app on your phone

4.GPS and a compass helps to establish your location, but an augmented reality app can function without this


Holograms are being explored for use in augmented reality games. Glasses, contact lenses, and other wearable devices are in the development stage, which would create a quick, convenient, and natural immersion experience for gamers. Furthermore, as you walked around wearing a pair of augmented reality glasses, a screen would pop up, displaying information to you as you walk around.


While augmented reality has a way to go before we’ll all be wearing special glasses with loads of information at our fingertips, Magic Micro Computers will continue to pioneer the best custom built PCs and laptops. When you build your own computer, you’ll be able to add all the features  you’ve always wanted to your gaming experience. You’ll have the memory capability and the functionality to have the best gaming equipment.

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