Gaming tends to get a bad wrap. Video games are criticized for violence and contributing to America’s rising obesity rate amongst teens and kids. Yet, is gaming really as bad as they say it is? We’ll explore this question in this blog post by Magic Micro Computers, a provider of custom gaming laptops. Visit us online today!


Video games can slow down aging. It’s important to exercise your mind as you age as much as it is to exercise your physical body. Researchershave discovered that playing a video game for 10 hours a week for five to eight weeks can slow aging by several years. That’s not bad for just 10 hours a week! The reasoning behind this is that playing video games forces you to make quick decisions, which helps your mind to stay sharper as you age.

Make better decisions. As a result of being forced to make decisions while playing on a custom build gaming laptop, you’ll be a better decision maker overall in your life. Another facet to decision making is the ability to process data quickly, as well as keep track of peripheral images, which is what we do when we drive. Video games force you to take in sensory data, process it into what you see and hear, and then your brain forms lightning fast probability formulas in your head.

Improves your eyesight. Have you ever heard that watching too much TV can be bad for your eyes? To one extent, this is true. When you watch TV, you blink less, which can lead to eye strain and dry eye syndrome. Yet on the flip side, one study showed that playing video games on a custom build gaming system can improve something called contrast sensitivity function, which helps us distinguish shades of gray in a colored background. This ability is needed when driving at night, and interestingly, is one of the first to go when you age. So when your grandmother complains about driving at night, you can tell her she needs to visit Magic Micro Computers online and invest in a custom gaming laptop builder to see better!

Improves your hunting skills. Hunters rely on eyesight in order to spot game animals. Studies have shown that playing video games on a custom built gaming PC improves your ability to track several objects at the same time and pay attention to a series of fast-moving events — which if you’ve ever hunted elk, are exactly the skills you need.

Possible future benefits for eye therapy. If you’ve ever had surgery, the one thing that doctors tell you is to get up and moving as soon as you’re able. For example, if you’ve had knee replacement surgery, you need to start rehabilitating your knee as soon as possible. This gets crucial blood flow to your knee in order to speed up the healing process and keep your joints mobile. Well, the same can be said for the eyes, which is composed of six main muscles. After you’ve had eye surgery or laser surgery to correct your vision, playing video games on a custom desktop PC can help your eyes recover faster and better. In the case of corrective eye surgery, playing video games will help retrain your brain with your new eyesight.

Playing video games can make you more social. It’s a common stereotype that gamers are anti-social. The image portrayed in the media is of gamers, holed up in their home with curtains drawn in dark rooms, by themselves, playing video games on their gaming computer build. Well, this is not the case. In fact, one study showed that gamers in fact have stronger relationships with others because they do bond over gaming.

Playing video games can help you learn better. This applies to playing certain, fast-paced video games where strategy is important. The study focuses on the game Starcraft, which is a fast-paced strategy game. Slower games have not shown the same growth. However, the benefits of educational video games can be huge because video games are motivating, engaging, interactive, and provides reward and reinforcement to improve — exactly what teachers do. Video games are particularly successful when teaching a skill.

Improves hand-eye coordination. This benefit of playing video games on Magic Micro Computers custom build computers is one that has been known for a while and has very few detractors remaining.

Improves focus and attention. With the preponderance of ADD and ADHD, parents are worried about the effects of video games on their kids. In one study, researchers tested kids with experiments. Those who played video games outperformed those who did not, showing an enhancement in perception, attention, and cognition.

Video games are great for those who are sick or are overcoming ailments. For those who are stuck in bed for a length of time, playing video games on Magic Micro Computers’ custom build gaming PCs have been shown to have physiotherapy benefits. For example, those who suffer from anxiety can play video games help eliminate their anxiety, and those who need help with social skills can learn them through a simulation module such as a video game provides. In one study, kids who just underwent chemotherapy played video games afterwards and didn’t need as many painkillers.

Video games can help with depression. Video games are fantasy games. Thus, they are limited only by our imaginations. Programmers can create video games with any scenarios. Thus, teenagers are notoriously resistant to traditional counseling since they think they are smarter than everyone and don’t want to listen to an adult. Yet, about 20 percent of teenagers experience depression. Enter video games specifically designed to help treat depression. One such game, SPARX, involves players creating avatars and dealing with enemies who represent gloomy and negative thoughts. Facts about depression are displayed, along with ways to cope and relax. The results were very positive.


The debate rages about the benefits of playing video games versus the cons of playing video games, which we’ll explore in our next blog post. Suffice it to say that we here at Magic Micro Computers believes that all adults should be able to choose what makes their hearts sing without being criticized for it (kids are under the jurisdiction of their parents — as they should be — in this matter). Some people love dancing, knitting, and MMA fighting. Some people love reading, volunteering with the homeless, and sitting in their gazebos watching the birds flit. If you like gaming, engage in gaming responsibly. Sitting down for 10 hours straight is not good for anybody, even in a job environment. Gaming is a past time that is fun, entertaining, and has benefits.

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