Gaming has come a long way since Atari. In fact, the first real video game was a version of ping-pong known simply as Pong. It was simple; you used the up and down arrow keys to move the paddle, which your opponent would hit back to you in return. This was back in the 1970s before the advent of enhanced graphics, full-motion video, 3-D effects, and high fidelity stereo sound. Soon, however, using the keyboard became limiting, especially when you wanted to play with others. Hence, the joystick was born. Attached by a cord to your video game console, you could now have greater control over your video game with a greater variety of ways to move.

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The word “gaming” originated to describe gambling, but the gamers that Magic Micro Computers support spend more time with their custom built gaming PC than they do placing bets. The history of gaming is intricately tied with the history of video games. Some notable milestones are listed below.

The arcade game Space Invaders was released in 1978

Software began to be developed independent of those that made consoles in the late 1970s

Pac-Man crossed the Pacific Ocean from Japan and became the most popular video game in the early 1980s.

Nintendo created the classic game of Donkey Kong, which gave the world the much-beloved character of Mario

The first Flight Simulator game was developed and released by Microsoft

The Video Game Crash

Comparable to the Stock Market Crash that began the Great Depression in 1929, the video game world almost suffered the same fate. In the early 1980s as the video game market was beginning to take off, hundreds of companies saw an opportunity and decided to jump on the bandwagon by producing video games. The problem is that your average Joe Blow just can’t develop and produce video games. Thus, this resulted in the saturation of the market of low-quality video games which was epitomized by the miserable failure of the video game E.T. and too many game consoles that turned the burgeoning video game market (and beginning games) off. Many of these companies went bankrupt, which is the beauty of capitalism at work.

The gaming market began to recover when Nintendo entered the picture from Japan with its entertainment system that featured 8-bit graphics, colors, sound, and a better overall playing experience than previous gaming consoles, which hit markets in 1985. Always in the gaming business per se (Nintendo began as a card game manufacturer in 1889), Nintendo put regulations on games developed for its consoles that helped to curb the release of sub-par games. Nintendo also pioneered the first hand-held gaming devices, beginning with the Game Boy in 1989.


Nintendo’s name began to become synonymous with the gaming industry and video games themselves due to the mega success of games such as Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda. Other companies wanted in. Thus, entered Sega in 1989 with its Genesis console gaming system. Nintendo responded in 1991 with its 16-bit Super NES and soon the console wars were in full swing.

Most video games were relatively innocuous up until the mid-1990s that saw the release of Mortal Combat and Street Fighter II that upped the ante on violence with realistic shooting and blood scenes. However, when Congress got involved in large part due to the pressure of concerned parents, Sega helped launch the video game rating system, which rated video games based on content.

Sega eventually overtook Nintendo in the North Amercian market due to the plethora of video games available and its lower price. Soon, cartridges were replaced by CDs, which did not help either Sega or Nintendo compete against Sony’s Playstation, which mainly featured three-dimensional (3D) gaming.


From the mid-1990s up until the early 2000s, Sony’s Playstation dominated the gaming console market. In fact, the Playstation 2, released in 2000, would go on to become the biggest selling gaming console of all time. Continuing to buck the trend, the Playstation 2 used DVDs instead of CDs for its video games. Sega was so utterly defeated in the gaming console industry that it became third-party software company only in 2001.


Like most industries, there’s only a leader for a limited amount of time before a more-driven competitor takes a leap forward. This was Microsoft with XBox. In 2007, Microsoft’s XBox took the first leap into online gaming and motion capturing system. Surprisingly, Nintendo’s Wii dominated the hand-held market once again. It’s motion-sensitive remotes gave users a new, more enjoyable experience despite the fact it was technologically inferior to its competitors.

Soon video games would enter the social media world and become compatible with mobile devices so they could play and fit the screens. Games made specifically with mobile devices in mind, such as Angry Birds in 2012, became hugely popular.

In 2011, the first video games were made that used real-world physical objects in them. In essence, you’d buy a physical toy and place it on an accessory that would read the toy and then put the toy into the game.


In the last few years, improvements have continued to be made on consoles. Sony released the first gaming console capable of 4K video output, the Playstation 4 Pro. Nintendo released a successor to Wii called the Nintendo Switch, which so far is the only gaming system to allow for gaming on both your TV and a handheld device. Not to be outdone, Microsoft released a 4K gaming console as well.

The most recent developments in the gaming world include virtual reality gaming and motion gaming, both of which give the user a feeling of being in the game itself. This could once again change the gaming world.


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