As you can imagine, with a name like massively multiplayer role playing games (MMORPG), there’s a massive vocabulary that goes along with that. After all, who wants to spit that name out every time you invite someone over to game? MMORPGs are a type of MMO, or a massively multiplayer online game.

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PVE. PVE stands for player versus environment in MMORPG games. This term is interchangeable with PVM (player versus monster). This refers to playing games where the computer controls your enemies (which is the opposite of PVP). Since the computer plays other parts, these games are easily played alone, which can come in handy when you’re gaming buddies are out of town. However, they can also be played with your gaming buddies when they return.

PVP. Player versus player is played between people, not the computer like PVE.

Cooldown. Cooldown refers to the period of time you have to wait in order to be able to utilize a certain skill again, such as magic, or a particular weapon, such as a sword.

Time sink. A time sink in MMORPG games refers to an event or an action that takes a lot of time. This can include a cooldown, or the time it takes for a monster of boss to respawn.

Respawn. Rebirth in essence, respawn is when a monster in the game comes back to life. This is vital to MMOs because if this didn’t happen, there’d be no more monsters to kill. Without monsters to kill, there’s no princess to rescue. So what would be the point?

Mob. A mob is a monster that is controlled by the game.

Persistent world. Persistent world games are some of the best video games to play (gamers may say that about all games, but admit it, we all have our favorites). These games have worlds that continue to exist even when you quit playing them, including having timed events and delayed results trigger actions. Of course, this requires a good RAM unit in order to keep these worlds going, which can be obtained at Magic Micro Computers.

Leeroy Jenkins. Leeroy Jenkins means when you rush into a situation without waiting to see or without making a plan and everyone ends up dead, including yourself. Luckily for us, when we do this in the real world, we don’t often end up getting all we know killed. The name comes from when a character did this and shouted his name (Leeroy Jenkins) in the game World of Warcraft in 2005. This can be shortened to Leeroy.

Area of effect (AoE). This MMORPG gaming term refers to the area that affects characters when a spell is cast or an attack.

Void zone. Another great term originating from World of Warcraft, a void zone is a zone that is void, that is, empty. These areas include lava, black holes, quicksand, or any other zone you can’t walk in.

Melee. A melee is an attack sequence in close quarters, which usually involves punches, kicks, fist fights, and swords. This word normally means a confused skirmish.

Theorycraft. Theorycraft is for advanced gamers. Theorycraft is when you analyze the game’s mechanics using mathematics in order to gain an advantage over the computer. This is most often utilized for MMOs because your opponent is most likely the computer. This is the gamer’s way of sneaking up on the designer of the game. If you are really good at theorycraft, you can then exploit the game system to discover the best strategy and tactics in order to win. This is possible because the same genre of games (MMORPGs included) have very similar theorycraft methods. Thus, it is worth a gamer’s time.

Raid. No surprises in this gaming term for MMORPGs. Raids are when a large group of players ban together and cooperate in order to defeat the boss, or even other players.

Respec. A respec in gaming terminology is when a player is reassigned talents. This is often used to gain a competitive advantage in the game. This is also one of the coolest features in gaming because it’s exciting.

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