Build Your Own Gaming Laptop

If you are looking to build your own custom gaming computer, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential options. While the desktop PC clearly dominates the gaming world, there are other, more portable alternatives on the market. In this blog post, we are going to look at one often-overlooked option: a gaming laptop.

At Magic Micro, we take pride in offering custom gaming laptops. Our laptops are broken up into two key categories.

Custom 14” to 15.6” Laptops

Custom 17.3” Laptops

How Do I Choose A Gaming Laptop

When looking for a gaming laptop, it is important to consider the whole package, not just the specs. Unlike desktop shopping, when you are looking at laptop options, you must consider the built-in keyboard and display. Below are some tips and things to consider when trying to find the gaming laptop that best matches your needs and budget.

  • GPU— Most games require a heavy-lifting graphics processing unit (GPU). With laptops, the GPU is something that typically cannot be upgraded. Therefore, be sure to pick one that will deliver the power you need for years to come.

  • CPU— While most gaming laptops will benefit more from a powerful GPU over a CPU, it is still important to get a reliable CPU. Although a Core i5 will likely be enough for you, a mighty Core i7 will deliver unbeatable performance (so long as your budget allows for it).

  • RAM— Gaming can be pretty RAM-intensive. This is true for gaming desktops and laptops. For a gaming laptop build, you ideally want at least 16GB of RAM. If this is something your budget doesn’t currently allow, you may consider getting (at least) 8GB and then upgrading it in the near future.

  • Display— While the size of your display will likely be the first thing you take note of, the resolution and refresh rate are also vital to gaming performance. For the resolution, never go below 1920 x 1080 display. Additionally, while 4K can deliver stunning graphics, the frame rate will likely not be high enough for games.

  • Keyboard— Remember that with a gaming notebook changing your keyboard isn’t as simple as buying a new one. Before committing to an entry-level keyboard, consider looking into keyboards that offer key travel, actuation, macro keys, backlighting, and other benefits.

This is, of course, not all that there is to consider when trying to pick out the right notebook for your individual needs. Other things to consider include battery life, storage, and whether or not you prefer a higher resolution or a faster display.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Gaming Notebook?

Magic Micro! At Magic Micro, we have more than 15 years of experience building and configuring custom gaming computers and laptops. We understand that the best way to get the computer of your dreams is to build it. This is why we’ve made the customization process as simple and affordable as possible.Start customizing your gaming laptoptoday!